FW Bell handheld ELF Meter

The 4100 Series Handheld Gaussmeter accurately measures extremely low frequency magnetic fields generated by electrical equipment; ideal for home use
  • Low cost, small, lightweight, and portable
  • High accuracy (< 1%, Model 4190) ± 1% +1 digit
  • 0.1 mG resolution
  • Gauss or Tesla display options
  • Min/Max hold and relative measurement capabilities (4190 only)
  • Selectable X, Y, or Z Axis plus vector summation
  • Waveform and RMS analog output (4190 only)
  • Universal Serial Bus Interface, Remote Operation and USB remote on both 4180 and 4190
  • Unit can be powered from 4 AAA batteries, external DC supply, or USB Bus Power (4190 only)
  • Low battery detection

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