Instek Advanced Analog Oscilloscopes

Variable holdoff stabilizes the display of a composite signal
  • TV-sync function measures video signals
  • Trigger level controls



These oscilloscopes measure voltage, frequency, rise and fall time, and pulse width. Use the dual trace or the X-Y mode to measure the phase difference between two signals. Large 6” CRT screen with 8 x 10 internal graticules provides distortion-free waveform measurements without parallax error.
Model 26857-14 features standard trigger modes including auto, norm, ext, and TV sync.
5 mV/div sensitivity extends the measurement range increasing test accuracies.
Model 26857-16 a 20 MHz bandwidth. Read up to two signals simultaneously—the oscilloscope features dual channel, dual trace, and X-Y mode.
Model 26857-30 has a 50 MHz bandwidth. This dual-channel scope features a delayed sweep function that lets you start a sweep at any point of the wave.
Model 26857-40 has a 100 MHz bandwidth. This oscilliscope provides real-time signal data in three dimensions — amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time.
Model 26857-50 has a 200 MHz bandwidth. Scope features dual channel and delayed sweep — start your sweep at any point in the wave.
What’s included: two probes (1x to 10x) and a 6-ft power cord with three-prong plug.

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