Instek Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Advanced functions at an economical price
  • Save/recall of 15 front-panel settings and waveforms
  • 27 auto measurements with 6-digit real-time frequency counter
  • Math functions include add, subtract, multiply, FFT, and FFTrms
  • 2 M points memory length per channel with peak detect as fast as 50 nS



These general-purpose two-channel oscilloscopes are designed to meet educational labs, service technicians, and industrial requirements. Measuring data exchange and analysis are integrated into these units making them easy to use and fully functional. Convenient PC standard interfaces (USB interface and SD card socket) enable remote control of oscilloscopes or data transferring to a desktop or laptop for further analysis with the included software.

These oscilloscopes offer dual sampling mode, giving you two options of 1 GS/s real-time sampling or 25 GS/s high-speed equivalent sampling rate. The high-speed wave handling capability and advanced triggering functions, along with the lightweight design, make these oscilloscopes the most powerful functional units at the most economical price.

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