Instek GDS-1000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

No more baffling lapses in signal detail retrieval
  • Entry-level features are perfect for education and fundamental research
  • Deep memory reveals brief and infrequent changes in circuitry signals
  • Color gradient display shows rapidly changing waveforms distinctively
  • Zero key adjusts time and voltage axes, and resets trigger level to quickly start new measurements
  • Waveform math and analysis: add, subtract, multiply, divide, user defined, FFT and FFTrms (rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, and Blackman-Harris windows)



This series of oscilloscopes incorporates high sampling rate and deep memory to produce high-resolution measurements. Rapid waveform update rate lowers the likelihood of missing important transient signals during dead time.

Connect to PC using the USB or Ethernet ports and use free software dowloadable from the manufacturer’s website or LabVIEW to set up, trigger, download and analyze data. A second USB port is dedicated to flashdrive compatibility for data download. A BNC port is provided for external triggering.

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