Instek GDS-2000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Easy-to-use waveform search capability allows you to identify issues quickly
  • VPO technology allows the visibility of less frequent occurring signals
  • Built-in segmented memory and waveform search functions optimize record length efficiency
  • Zoom window and play/pause allows you to rapidly navigate the waveforms
  • 36 automatic measurement functions offers a wide range of measurement selections
  • Optional 8- or 16-digital channels with logic analyzer (MSO) and serial bus I2C/SPI/URT trigger
  • Standard USB connectivity for remote control connectivity with optional LAN/GPIB for added flexibility



Details of the GDS-2000A Digital Storage OscilloscopeThese GDS-2000A series oscilloscopes are ideal instruments for signal analysis, trouble diagnosis and debug, making them perfect for design and production, education and training, QA/maintenance, and general measurement applications. These units offer 2 and 4-channel configurations with up to 300 MHz bandwidth and 2 GSa/s real-time sampling rates allowing you quickly see complicated waveforms and obscure signals. Units include powerful features such as waveform search and segmented memory, which allow you to capture and save events of interest into the segmented memory for observation, while the irrelevant waveforms can be ignored.

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