Megger MIT480/2 Telecommunication Insulation Testers

Connect three test leads at once—reduce connection and measurement errors
  • Gated access to 500 V prevents accidental damage
  • Single range, fast continuity testing from 0.01 Ω to 1MΩ
  • Stabilized insulation test voltage is accurate to +2% +2 V
  • Suitable for use on CAT IV 600 V applications



The Megger MIT480/2 Series insulation testers, designed for telecommunications and cable testing markets, feature a three-terminal interface which allows three test leads for A, B, and E (T-R-G) to be connected at the same time. No need to disconnect test leads to measure individual pairs. Just press the terminal switching button on the front of the unit to confirm your selection on the large dual digital display.

These compact handheld units provide insulation testing up to 500 V and 100 GΩ range. A 500 V test lock prevents accidental testing at high voltage. The testers also include 400 mA AC/DC Trms current measurement, live circuit warnings, direct access test functions, analog arc with pointer, back stand, separate battery and fuse access, and an on-board memory. Each tester is protected by a rubber molded outer casing and comes with a IP54 weatherproof rating.

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