Pacific Scientific OECO Gauss – Tesla Meters

Benchtop performance in a compact handheld design
  • Digital signal processor provides the latest measurement technology
  • Data Logging capability
  • 100X lower resolution (with low-field probe)
  • Frequency Response 2X better than competitor
  • The only handheld meter with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Auto Zero
  • Min/Max/Peak Hold
  • Auto Range
  • Relative Mode
  • Universal Serial Bus Interface



These autoranging meters measure in gauss and tesla, and feature auto zero, min/max and peak hold
readings, relative mode and built-in software for easy field calibration. The ergonomic design provides
comfort during measurements of magnetic fields around critical equipment.
Model 20001-29 also measures in ampere/meters and features an analog output and USB communication port for downloading measurements to your PC.

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