Binder Programmable Mechanical Convection Ovens

Microprocessor program controller allows easy programming of variable temperature and time functions
  • 5°°C above ambient to 300°C
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display and integrated 0 to 99-hr timer
  • APT.Line® preheating chamber ensures accurate, reproducible results



These programmable ovens offer electronically controlled APT.line® preheating chamber technology with forced air convection. Microprocessor with two programs of ten sections each, alternatively 1 program with 20 sections. The time interval of single program sections can be adjusted up to a maximum of 99 hours and 59 minutes, applicable to all program sections. Program controller functions: delayed ON, delayed OFF, temperature-dependent delayed OFF.

Additional oven features include adjustable ramp functions via program editor, adjustable fan speed (0 to 100%), elapsed time indicator, and adjustable safety device, Class 2 (DIN 12880), with visual alarm. Ventilation may be adjusted by means of a 50-mm diameter rear exhaust duct with ventilation flap and front side ventilation. RS-422 interface and APT-COM® communications software allow output to computer or printer. Ovens are stackable to conserve valuable lab space.

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