Cole-Parmer StableTemp Economy Gravity Convection Ovens

Gentle airflow ideal for sterilization and drying
  • Rounded chamber corners allow easier cleaning and optimum air flow
  • Dual-wall door opens to 180° for greater insulation and chamber access
  • Control air and vapor circulation with two adjustable vents
  • Save up to three preset temperature settings for quick recall
  • Resist corrosion—Incoloy® sheathed heating element and stainless steel interior



Gravity convection ensures gentle, natural, air circulation — ideal for sterilization, drying, and other applications requiring subtle airflow. Ovens are programmable for delayed start and stop, and an integrated timer affords the convenience of unattended operation. The dual-wall door opens 180° for greater access to the chamber. Rounded inner chamber corners offer easy cleaning and superior air circulation. Two 1.5″ (3.8 cm) diameter vents are located on the top of the unit—adjustable ventilation provides control of inner air and vapor circulation.

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