Shaking Water Bath

The latest ZWY-110X series reciprocal water bath shaker combines unmatched reliability and durability.It delivers superior temperature
control and uniformity with a smooth shaking motion. Bath temperature is controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1℃ by a P.I.D microprocessor
controller for optimum reproducible bath conditions. Dual thermostats provide optimum protection for your work and water bath. The
steeply gabled lid and inward-sloped tank rim allow condensate to drain neatly back into the bath, preventing condensate from dripping
onto the samples.

  • Solid electric drive mechanism provides uniform and quiet agitation and enables continuous 24 hour operation.
  • Water bath temperature is monitored and controlled over the entire range with an accuracy of ?0.1?C with P.I.D temperature
  • Easy-to-readLCDdigital display provides auser-friendly interfacewhich helpsminimize errors in establishing running conditions.
  • Non-volatilememory retains preset parameters duringa powerfailureandrestarts unit automatically afterthepoweris restored.
  • Heatloss and evaporation is minimized with the use offinely electro-polished stainless steel gabled lid cover.(Standard on ZWY
    series units, without lid for ZWYK series units)
  • High quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors and its parts.
  • Standard stainless steel tray, without clamps

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