Speirs Robertson AMC Microscope Isolation Platforms

Maximise microscope image quality by removing vibrations
  • Contoured plate design gives easy access from sides.
  • Range of platforms with internal high performance vibration isolators
  • Removes vibrations that degrade microscope image quality
  • Version with a nickel plated all aluminium construction



A vibration free environment is essential for best microscope performance. The range of contoured vibration isolation platforms allow easy access while working and fit into confined spaces such as laminar cabinets. They are found in applications as diverse as IVF and Fluorescent Microscopy. Nickel plated aluminium versions meet Class 1 clean room requirements. We offer a choice of air and elastomeric isolators to provide different levels of isolation from that for laboratory microscopes up to most sensitive instruments.

Platforms are simply placed on a bench and the microscope placed on top. They are simple to use and maintenance free.

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