ASTM Hydrometers (Short Form – Heavy Liquids)

Overall length of 270mm max. With torpedo shaped bulb, 24mm overall diameter, shot and waxed poised. Scales sub-divided every 0.001 Sp. Gr. in a minimum scale length of 70mm. Maximum permissible error 0.001 Sp. Gr. Adjusted for use at 60f.

Range in Degrees Sp. Gr. ASTM No. Product Code
1.000/1.050 125H D4666
1.050/1.100 126H D4667
1.100/1.150 127H D4668
1.150/1.200 128H D4669
1.200/1.250 129H D4670
1.250/1.300 130H D4671
1.300/1.350 131H D4672
1.350/1.400 132H D4673
1.400/1.450 133H D4674
1.450/1.500 134H D4675
1.500/1.550 135H D4676
1.550/1.600 136H D4677
1.600/1.650 137H D4678
1.650/1.700 138H D4679
1.700/1.750 139H D4680
1.750/1.800 140H D4681
1.800/1.850 141H D4682

RM 0.00