ASTM Hydrometers (Short Form – Light Liquid)

Overall length of 270mm max. With torpedo shaped bulb, 24mm overall diameter, shot and waxed poised. Scales sub-divided every 0.0001 Sp. Gr. in a minimum scale length of 70mm. Maximum permissible error 0.001 Sp. Gr. Adjusted at 60f.

Range in Degrees Sp. Gr. ASTM No. Product Code
0.650/0.700 102H D4649
0.700/0.750 103H D4650
0.750/0.800 104H D4651
0.800/0.850 105H D4652
0.850/0.900 106H D4653
0.900/0.950 107H D4654
0.950/1.000 108H D4655


RM 0.00