GE Sensing Druck DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrators

Reduce calibration time with large memory and simple operation
  • Perform calibrations with high accuracy, touchscreen control, and a self-contained pressure test and calibration station
  • Chose the pressure range to meet your application needs—pressure modules are interchangeable
  • Perform “hot swaps” of pressure modules without needing tools, seals, or cables
  • Avoid leaks with quick-to-fit pressure adapters and hoses—no tools or seals required
  • Document test results and save test settings on the 8 Gb internal memory
  • Avoid rework using the PASS/FAIL error analysis feature
  • Electrical measurement and sourcing capability



In the fifth generation of Druck DPI 600 pressure calibrators, the DPI 612 Flex series offers high accuracy, improved generation capabilities, and simple touchscreen operation. Three models cover ranges of 95% vacuum (nominal) up to 300, 1500, or 15,000 psi (20, 100, or 1000 bar) and have an 8 Gb internal memory for data and setting storage. Test settings may also be saved internally, reducing set up and calibration time from 40 minutes to less than 10 minutes!

Simplified touchscreen controls handle much like a smartphone or tablet—the application-like dashboard allows for quick task and feature selection. Move applications and save settings as favorites to obtain task changes in as little as three steps. Advanced features/applications include PASS/FAIL, data logging, software interaction, automated calibration procedures, step and ramp mA output, nudge for incremental mA changes, switch testing, pressure leak testing, MIN/MAX, and adjustable relief valve, scaling, and resolution settings.

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