P1301 Pen-Type Stirring Stem Thermometer

The stainless steel probe is 125mm long with sensor located 10mm from the end. The protective sheath is made of Hi grade ABS plastic, with a vented end so the instrument can be used for stirring whilst taking the temperature. The probe protection sheath can also be clipped to the thermometer head to be used as a handle extension.


  • Digital indication. Two push buttons with splash proof membrane.
  • On/Off and Test/Data hold
  • A third push button on rear is for C/F selection
  • Supplied protector sheath and instructions

Range: -50 to +150°C

Resolution: 0.1°C

Accuracy: +/- (-20 to +100°C), +/- (others)

Battery: One PL-13 1.5 volt battery require – order separately

RM 0.00

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