Ralston Instrument Pressure Volume Controller

Calibrate pressure gauges, transmitters and field instruments using precisely controlled pressure whether it is measuring 10 Inches H20 or 1000 psi
  • Proprietary pressure balanced fine adjustment piston allows for extremely precise, finger-tip control of pressure at 0.03 psi (2 mbar) or 3000 psi (210 bar) or any range in between
  • Fine adjust piston, fill, balance and vent valves are in one light weight, compact unit
  • Includes handle, Quick-test System™ outlet connections, hoses and adapters
  • Low volume quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to QTVC without thread sealant or a wrench
  • Soft-seated valves make filling and venting the system very precise
  • Included stand for laboratory or table top use



The volume controller, along with a digital pressure gauge, makes an excellent replacement to a deadweight tester. It has a wide range of pressures that it will control to and has 2 outlet ports to control pressure to multiple devices under test at the same time. It includes a stand which makes it ideal for use in a laboratory or in the field.

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