Automated Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Analysis Solutions, Mantech




Model: AutoMax400™ Series

BOD Analyzer Benefits

  • Automates the 5-day and 7-day BOD and CBOD standard analysis methods. Conforms to ASTM Standard Methods 5210B, ISO EN 18991 & ISO EN 18992
  • Eliminates potential for human error by automating up to five pumps for reagent addition
  • Automated DO probe calibrations and calibration checks either on rack or at a separate side position, with automated recalibration and re-reading of previous samples when required
  • Customizable user interface to simplify operation
  • Easily manage and prioritize samples during analysis
  • Quickly identify results with barcoded labels

System Features:

  • 18, 36, 54, 72 and 90 positions x300ml BOD bottle capacity models
  • Automated dilution, seed & inhibitor
  • For seed or inhibitor/ATU addition either:
    1. Intellipump™ peristaltic pump (PCH-4000-186 or PCH-4000-187)
    2. Precision: 1.0%, software controlled with autocalibration
    3. Syringe pump/buret (PC-1000-1040 model)
    4. Precision: 0.2% with 97,000 step resolution, software controlled with autocalibration
  • Can be coupled with MANTECH’s Automated Titration Analysis for a two-in-one system configuration
  • Hardware trade-in offers available for existing PC-BOD customers
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