PeCOD® BOD/COD Analyzer, Mantech




Model: Benchtop L50 PeCOD® COD Analyzer 

Known as MANTECH’s base model for use in industrial, municipal or government and academic lab settings.

Safe & Green : • No hazardous chemicals (e.g., mercury, dichromate, etc.)
• Only salt & sugar
• No PPE required
• Zero risk of cross-contamination

Rapid Results : • Results in 10 minutes or less vs. 3 hours or 5 days
• Make informed & impactful decisions for process optimization

Reliable & Trusted : • Conforms to MECP method E3515 & ASTM International Method D8084
• Hundreds of analyzers in the market

Accurate : • Detection limit of 0.7mg/L and upper range 15,000mg/L
• Sample dilution allows measurement >200,000mg/L

Easy-to-Use : • Designed for staff unfamiliar with water quality analysis (e.g., operators and engineers)

System Benefits:

  • Small footprint (280 x 210 mm, 11.00 x 8.25 in)
  • Lightweight (7 kg, 15.5 lb)
  • MANTECH’s PeCOD Pro™ software adds automation and a sleek user interface
  • Can be upgraded to Automated or Online systems

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