HF Scientific MicroTOL On-Line Turbidimeters

Specially designed system eliminates the need for a bubble trap and ensures immediate response time
  • Optical design increases accuracy while providing more consistent readings
  • Low, 30-mL sample volume allows for fast response time and inexpensive calibration
  • Two light sources available — white light to meet U.S. EPA method 180.1 regulations and infrared for ISO 7027



MicroTOL 2 Turbidimeters are ideal for measuring turbidity continuously in filtered water, raw water, waste water final effluent, and industrial applications. They arrive calibrated and verify readings in seconds. Versatile design allows for one-piece mounting for added ease of installation or multi-piece mounting for installation flexibility. Removable sample cuvettes allow for fast, easy cleaning and calibration. Optics do not contact the sample, reducing the chance of false, low readings.

MicroTOL 3 and 4 Turbidimeters build on the features of the MicroTOL 2. These units add the auto-clean ultrasonic cleaning system, which increases the interval between cleanings for finished or raw water applications.

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