Jenway Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Store up to 250 DO data points and 20 BOD data sets
  • LCD provides clear, direct readout of percentage of dissolved oxygen, mg/L, or BOD of samples
  • Easily export data to computer or printer via RS-232 or IrDA connections
  • % Saturation from 0 to 199 or 0 to 25 with accuracy of ±2% with 50°F (10°C) of calibration temperature
  • Manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation
  • Features real-time clock



The research-grade benchtop dissolved oxygen meter supports a wide range of applications from fish breeding and farming to aquaculture pollution control and environmental analysis. Store up to 250 dissolved oxygen data points taken either at timed intervals, manually or on alarm triggers. The meter offers complete support for the real-time 5-day test protocol and can record up to 20 BOD data sets with 10 samples each.

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