METTLER TOLEDO SevenExcellence Dissolved Oxygen and Multiparameter Meters

Intuitive and clear interface improves work flow
  • Large color touch screen and plain language menu options make setup and operation easy
  • Predefined and custom methods begin measurements with a single touch
  • Select your preferred display—all the available details or just the basics
  • Integrated radio-controlled clock ensures measurements are correctly stamped with time and date



These dissolved oxygen meters and kits offer a 7″ user-friendly color TFT touch screen display programmed with an intuitive menu navigation system, so there is no need to study the manual before you begin taking measurements. With 17 preset and 50 configurable methods available, you can store common setup parameters and switch quickly from one protocol to the next. Choose between the standard view and uFocus™—standard view provides detailed information on parameters and measurements, while uFocus shows only the current reading.

Security features protect data integrity and prevent tampering or mistakes. User management program grants four levels of authority with PIN, reducing unintentional method changes. Intelligent sensor management (ISM®) probes are automatically recognized by the meter which accesses the stored calibration data, so your readings will be accurate even if you switch probes. Built-in radio-controlled clock stamps data with accurate time and date to comply with GLP and other regulatory agencies.

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