Strathkelvin Precision Dissolved Oxygen Respirometer

Meter interfaces with your PC for respiration rates of mitochondria, cell suspensions, and oxidative enzyme preparations.
  • Ideal for laboratory research and cell biology research
  • Precision microcathode electrodes



Two-channel dissolved oxygen meter operates as a stand-alone meter or as an interface to the computer. The LCD shows dissolved oxygen values: either PO2 (mm Hg, torr, kPa) or concentration (µmol, µg/mL, mg/L, µL/mL, mL/L, percent saturations). Use either one or two electrode input. This meter interfaces to the respirometry software for DO monitoring and closed-cell and flow-cell respirometry.

Six-channel dissolved oxygen meter operates only with respirometry software, with inputs for one to six oxygen electrodes.

The software included with both models has three parts: “setup” to enter experimental parameters and electrode calibration; “recording” to display scrolling traces of oxygen uptake; and “analyze” to recall saved files for automatic calculation of rates from selected parts of the traces.

or a complete system order a respirometer (53002-03 or 53002-21), microcathode electrode (53002-50), and either a Mitocell (53002-26) or Respiration Cell (53002-14). Order electrodes and respiration cells separately.

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