Stuart Flocculation Jar Tester

Key Features :
  • Get repeatable conditions between samples
  • Digital displpay clearly indicates speed of paddles and time
  • Save time with two preset programs
  • Built-in illumination and dark background for easy viewing of samples
  • These flocculators are designed for repeatable conditions between samples and from run to run.
  • Speed control with electronic feedback accurately maintains the rotationak speed of the stainless steel paddles.
  • Paddle speed can be individually adjusted, even while in operation
  • The intuitive touch sensitive keypad is totally flat for easy cleaning
  • Two preset programs allow routine speed and time parameters to be entered, stored in memory, and recalled or altered at any time
  • Options of two positions or six position features a digital timer
  • Both testers accept 1-L beakers (not included)
Include of:

Stainless Steel Paddless and power cord.


RM 0.00

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