WTW inoLab DO 7310 Benchtop Meter

Providing accurate measurements, compliant documentation, and secure traceability
  • AutoRead function ensures repeatable results
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain with calibration timer
  • Power with universal AC adapter or AA batteries



The inoLab family of benchtop meters offer an intuitive user interface, large informative display, and keypad with tactile feedback to provide an exceptional user experience for error-free operation.

inoLab pH 7310 Advanced Meter allows accurate measurements with compliant documentation to support GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and AQA (Analytical Quality Assurance) laboratory requirements. Capture 500 manual or 5000 automatic data sets with time/date stamp, sample ID, and calibration data. USB interface provides an easy connection to a PC, or choose the model with integrated printer for immediate results. All data is transfered in a CSV format directly into Excel®.

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